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Trace Sharp is a former award-winning news director and managing editor whose interests now lies in new media. She also has worked in economic development serving as a program coordinator with Northwest Tennessee Economic Development Council. She has guest blogged across the state with Nashville is Talking, Music City Bloggers and NewsTechZilla, which she served as a co-founder.Her personal blog, Newscoma, has been written up by Salon Magazine as a featured blog and has broken stories that have appeared globally including on CNN and The Huffington Post. She has been interviewed from Pakistan to Los Angeles to her former hometown of Nashville on how blogging and social media has made the world more globally connected. Long-time readers of her blog know that her hobbies are Bigfoot fascination, zombie apocalypse preparation and her love of rural Americana.

Steve Ross is a Memphis blogger that focuses on State and Local politics from a liberal perspective. Over the past several years he has written extensively about local government and ways to make local government work better for the people of Shelby County. Most recently he has been working to demystify the Metro Charter Commission through a series of posts dealing with the legal and practical issues surrounding the process.


Steve Steffens – Steve Steffens has been involved in Democratic politics in Shelby County since he was a high-school senior in 1976, when he put up yard signs in Midtown Memphis for then-State Senator Jim White.  He has been heavily involved in the campaigns of former State Rep. Mike Kernell and former State Rep, and Memphis City Councilor Carol Chumney, along with the campaigns of Steve Cohen (both State Senate and Congress) and County campaigns too numerous to mention.

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