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What We Might Be Missing


So now that the wine in grocery stores debate is pretty much over, let’s take a look at what we’ve been missing being presented by our darlings in the legislature.

  1. TN Senate passes bill to legalize switchblade knives. Yeppers, while we have been watching sex week and getting our Miller Lite at the liquor stores drown converation, The leaders of the legislature burned (successfully I might add) a bill about the length of switchblades getting enlarged. The irony is endless, isn’t it. Grow your blades, campers, because it is more important than something crazy like expanding Medicaid because legalizing switchblades is a priority with a capitol P that rhymes with T which stands for terrible.
  2. The organizers of UT’s Sex Week have been fussed at properly by the General Assembly but it’s not going to make a lot of difference as they are moving along with their plans anyway. While this was happening, a farm bill is moving through that would limit local control on farms. Local zoning ordinance, what is that? It comes back to state over local control of land use. HB1410/SB1614 and the Right to Farm Act hits committee tomorrow.
  3. A lot of our democratic buddies in District 51 are running for Rep. Mike Turner’s seat who has announced he won’t run for re-election. Don’t get me wrong, Speak to Power is a big fan of that seat which leans blue traditionally and of Turner himself (gushed about him a bit last week myself.) There are other folks running as well, so a wag of the finger at the TNDP for not having a cheat sheet on their website on candidates outside Metro Davidson. It would be very helpful during an election year for not only the candidates, but for potential volunteers, activists and voters. Just a little tough love and not an indictment, but it would be helpful and that is just a friendly reminder.
  4. While we were all watching movie stars eat pizza on live television, there was a story from Tom Humphrey over the weekend you might have missed. Why are some legislators “taking a walk” when it comes to voting. I’ll let him explain:

A fine example would be the House floor vote a few days ago involving whether to prohibit employers from dismissing employees who hold handgun carry permits for having a gun stashed in a locked car on the company parking lot. Setting aside the political and procedural situation, the vote was recorded as 45-29-1 in House records.

Observe that 45, the number of yes votes; plus 29, the number of no votes; plus the one (that was a “present and not voting” or PNV in Legislatorland abbreviation lingo) adds up to 75. There are 99 members of the House.

Isn’t that we pay our legislators to do? Instead of talking about jobs, there was major news announced today by Ed Arnold over at the Memphis Business Journal, we have Grover Nordquist in the state talking about the Hall Income tax which really only helps people with investment income. And why isn’t anyone talking about this?

I didn’t think the state’s GOP leaders wanted Washington folks messing in Tennessee’s business but I may have been mistaken. I am, of course, using my snark voice.