Whine and groceries

So very true

So very true

I’m going to tell you a secret.

I hate Wine in Grocery stores.

I don’t hate the idea. I love the idea.

I hate the amount of oxygen Wine in Grocery Stores sucks out of the “room”.

The incessant coverage of Wine in Grocery stores, means media outlets can say they’ve met their responsibility for covering state issues if they just cover this one topic.

Its not true.

People looking for jobs don’t care about Wine in Grocery Stores.

People wondering how they’re going to pay their medical bills, or hell…just their regular bills, don’t care about Wine in Grocery Stores.

Grocers. That’s who cares most about Wine in Grocery stores.

This is, more than anything, a grass-tops campaign. There’s no real movement to be able to buy wine where you buy your bread. People think it might save some time. It might be a convenience. But its not like our society will collapse if there’s not wine in grocery stores.

Its a luxury. We’ve spent the better part of four years and countless hours of coverage on a luxury.

That’s ridiculous.

You know what I want.

I want something completely different.

I want mixers in liquor stores.

Actually, no. I want to be able to buy all the fixin’s for my Super Bowl party at a liquor store. Mixers, sodas, regular American beer…as well as chips and all the junk food to make it go.

That’s what I want.

But how important is that to me? I mean really. As a priority, where would I place that? In the things I need? In the things I think I need? In the things I want? In the things that might be nice?

Yeah. The last one.

I think its interesting that Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a cultural and fiscal conservative, is pushing for this bill to pass. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Grocer’s Association gave his campaign…and more importantly, his PAC. I’m not saying there’s an explicit quid pro quo, I’m just sayin’.

So pass the damn bill and open up some airspace for the things that really matter to Tennesseans.

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