Uncle Sugar! and the liberal libido limiting machine

I sure hope he's just telling a fishing story...

I sure hope he’s just telling a fishing story…

Ok, so look…I know Trace already covered this yesterday, but its just so hilarious I can’t help myself.

See, I lived in Arkansas for much of the time that Mike Huckabee fouled the grounds of the Governor’s mansion. I remember his son’s dog hanging scandal, and using the state postage meter for their PAC’s Christmas fundraiser…so I have a little history with the Governor.

Anyway…back to the whole “Uncle Sugar” thing…

You’d think a guy with three kids he’d get the whole “women’s reproductive system” thing. I mean, I guess I can imagine him NOT understanding it…but still.

So that’s part of what makes his comments yesterday so puzzling.

See, making birth control affordable and available doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s libido…except making sure a man’s libido doesn’t trump the woman’s control over her reproductive system (something that’s happened a lot in history, by the way).

Birth control doesn’t take power away from women. It EMPOWERS them to make their own decisions about whether or not they WANT to get pregnant. That’s it.

But I guess for a guy who thinks wives should graciously submit to their husbands, well, I guess I can see how HE might think birth control is limiting…to him anyway…I guess…

This is Huckabee's face after he realizes he stepped in it....

This is Huckabee’s face after he realizes he stepped in it….

Ya know, I thought the GOP just got trained on how not to make gaffes like this just last month. Maybe Huckabee couldn’t make it. Maybe he already needs a refresher course.

For a guy already toying with a 2016 Presidential Bid, that…if successful, would likely pit him against the wife of another former Arkansas Governor…maybe he needs to think about what he’s saying a little bit harder.

But I wouldn’t count on that. Huckabee has long had a problem with “foot in mouth” disease. He probably thinks he did well, and Janet probably didn’t tell him otherwise.

Special Bonus!: Just to show how inept Republicans are at talking about women. Here’s former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour apologizing for calling the Mayor of Hoboken, NJ a Lady Mayor.

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