Polar Vortex Hits Tennessee State Capitol

This polar bear is named John. He is cold and lives in Lake County.

This polar bear is named John. He is cold and lives in Lake County.

The barren wastelands of January’s return as the 108th General Assembly hasn’t given us much meat to go with our potatoes during this rare occurrence of a vicious polar vortex. Gravy is out of the question as we have truly moved into the haves/have nots scenario in state government. We are back to a revised version of Guns, Gays and God legislation that ignores the basic tenants of a quality of life for average Tennesseans.

Lunch for workers, fugaddaboutit! According to Campy, we still have a war on Christmas that I have still not seen the frontlines of a battlefield because my house looked like Santa had a party in it as did my nieces school. Money is being thrown out of the state at a breakneck speed as our Governor and his cohorts refuse to expand Medicaid. And the sad reality that the term education reform is highly misleading. (If you want to know the whos, hows and whys of things, check out Tennessee Education Report.) ¬†Let’s not forget that legislators are still wanting more state interference in local government when it comes to guns in trunks.The issue is not about guns, it’s about taking local control away from smaller government bodies. That is the concern. For example, why can’t Strawberry Plains, Nashville or the like control their own rules. It’s not about the second amendment in the least, it’s about the state having the final say-so.

The list is endless.

I could, but I won’t, bang the drum about the lack of legislation on creating jobs. So many democrats and bloggers over the years have screamed this down a tunnel apparently made out of banana pudding because the folks at the Capitol just aren’t hearing it. No one discusses in Music City about how a megasite sits basically ignored in Haywood County that could help west Tennessee thrive during dire times where jobs are about as scarce as finding a rhino in Lake County so I will turn our attention to the budget. Tennessee has an annual budget of roughly $33 billion dollars a year but revenues are down about $175 million bucks. This is worrisome to say the least. So what is the Governor’s plan? No clue.

We are too busy trying to stealthily change the power structure in our state government to be bothered by the pesky reality that everything is not okay and OH MY GAWD BIEBER WAS ARRESTED AND THE CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE ARE CALLING IT QUITS WHERE IS THE HUMANITY!! If the news is nonstop how can we even take the time to process what is happening in plain sight.

I pseudo keed because I love you.

Democrats are in the minority yet they are desperately trying to bring many of these issues to the spotlight but it is hard to drive a car in a blizzard where you can’t see the yellow line on the road. ¬†Activists are working hard to get issues to the forefront but how does one fight against a wall of lobbyists who are going to most likely get the best seat at table with GOP legislators? It’s not easy, but they are out there.

These are things that Steve Ross and I (as well as a host of others) have said for years now. It’s not small or large government, it’s about effective government that helps each county in this state. The lack of empathy and good governance have left blizzard-like conditions in the legislature.

Time to bundle up, campers.


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