Medicaid Expansion: It’s all about politics…

Some more news on the Medicaid Expansion front yesterday.

State Sen. Lowe Finney (D-Jackson) informed us in a release yesterday that Gov. Haslam’s decision to not expand Medicaid in Tennessee will cost small businesses $72 million in tax penalties.

How Much Money will we give away?

How Much Money will we give away?

Way to run government like a business Gov. Haslam! Not only are you costing the state money…you’re costing employers money as well. That’s some economic miracle you’ve put together there! /snark

While some in the State Senate are looking for ways to patch the political stalemate, big time financial guys are bewildered at the state’s political leader’s fealty to what amounts to nothing more than political position.

The end result is rural hospitals, who will start feeling the pain first when uncompensated care payments are cut, are going to have to put pressure on rural politicians who will at first fight, then yield, then trumpet their achievement from the top of the highest hill as the savior of the local hospital…

In the mean time, Tennessee has given up over $57,000,000 dollars since January 1st thanks to the decision to not expand Medicaid.

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