Medicaid Expansion: $55m lost

This is OUR money going to OTHER states

This is OUR money going to OTHER states

I’ve written a fair amount about Medicaid Expansion over at my personal blog and the impact on regular folks here in Tennessee.

Over the weekend, Tom Humphrey noted a sign outside House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh’s (D-Ripley) office that details just how much the state is giving away every day since the beginning of the year.

Today’s version of that sign is included to the right.

Since the beginning of session, Tennessee House Democrats have delivered a short message about Medicaid Expansion…and the costs of not doing it, on the floor every day.

This morning, State Rep. G.A. Hardaway delivered the message. You can see it below.

If you would like to get updates from the Tennessee House Democratic Caucus, follow their Facebook page at or follow them on Twitter @tndemocrats.

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