The Story Of Sen. Joe Haynes

From the Senator himself on the TNDP website on his family’s experience voting today:

Barbara was asked for her photo identification. She doesn’t have a photo on her driver’s license so she provided the election workers with her state-issued retirement card and her Metro-issued judge’s pass. The latter included her photo. In spite of the fact that most of the people in our polling place knew us both, she was told she would only be allowed to vote using a provisional ballot.  She had been permitted to vote in March using the same identification she provided today.  She was told that she would have 48 hours to get the proper photo ID and furnish it to the Election Office to validate her provisional ballot.

Barbara had received her voter ID card several days ago and discovered it had been issued to Joe M. Haynes, not Mrs. Joe M. Haynes as she had registered many years ago.  Upon calling the election office, she learned that it was a mistake, and was told to just write “Mrs.” in front of the name and proceed to vote.

To add insult to injury, when I entered the voting booth the machine was set to vote in the Republican primary, even though I had just indicated, in writing and verbally, that I wanted to vote in the Democratic primary.  I called over a poll worker to correct the problem. I then learned that another person who was voting at the same time had the same problem.

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