Straight Out Of Bristol

That’s not a lot of voters.

While only a small fraction of Sullivan County’s registered voters are expected to  cast ballots in today’s election, it will  be an important test for ballot candidates and election officials, the county’s election administrator said Wednesday.

“It will definitely serve as a great warm-up lap for us as we prepare for the general election in November,” said Jason Booher, administrator for the Sullivan County Election Commission. “We’re ready to go and we’re looking forward to voters coming out.”

An estimated 6,000 to 6,500 out of a total of 86,000 registered voters are expected to vote on various ballot races – highlighted by the primary race for the Tennessee House District 3 seat being vacated by current Rep. Scotty Campbell, who is not seeking re-election. Four candidates are seeking the Republican nomination to face the lone Democrat in November.

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