Robert Meyers Isn’t Hiding

Got to give him credit, but Robert Meyers isn’t hiding from the media regarding voter problems in Shelby County. Jackson Baker with the story.

Give this to Robert Meyers, the mild-mannered and much-beleaguered chairman of the Shelby County Election Commission: He understands that he is accountable to the public, and he is willing to be a stand-up guy about the numerous ongoing glitches in the county’s election process.

Meeting with members of the media at the Commission’s Nixon Drive headquarters on Wednesday, Meyers, an attorney, offered no false reassurances and took his lumps. “I don’t believe we have completely eliminated the issues. There is some possibility that there will be errors tomorrow [election day], “ he said.

Honestly, you don’t see that very much and Jackson tells you the history, what is happening today and the lumps that Meyers is going to have to take cleaning up this cycle of the election.

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