Redistricting Problems From Hamilton County

Out of Hamilton County, redistricting is causing some problems. WTVC with the story.

Redistricting is causing some headaches in Hamilton County, not only for voters, but for election officials as well.
Daniel Witherow has lived in the Emma Wheeler Homes for the last 9 years, and he’s voted in every election, including Thursday’s. He used to vote at the apartment’s rental office. He knew his polling place had been moved because of redistricting so he cast his ballot at the Bethlehem center, like it said on his Voter ID card. But then, he saw a sign posted at the rental office.
“I was thinking maybe it was a mistake. That’s what I was thinking, hopefully it was a mistake,” said Witherow. That’s because the sign said the location was moved to Calvary Baptist Church, which is all the way in Red Bank.
Daniel had his ID card, so he knew better than to go there, but he was worried others might get confused. “It doesn’t take much for a little thing like this to change the community. Most people, a little thing like that and they’ll just change their mind about voting altogether,” said Witherow.
Charlotte Mullis-Morgan, the Hamilton County administrator of elections, says the new redistricting has caused a few problems like this one.

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