One House, Two Different Precincts

The Nashville City Paper reports another case of one house but two different voting locations.

Exiting a Glencliff-area polling place Thursday morning where she had just voted in the Democratic primary, Virginia Welch picked up on a procedural error in Thursday’s election.

Welch and husband Michael Muldoon, who lives in the same residence and showed up at the voting site a few minutes earlier, had received two different ballots and thus voted in two different races.

Welch’s ballot included the race for state House District 53, featuring Jason Powell and Jason Potts, but her husband’s ballot featured House District 52 in which Rep. Mike Stewart is running unopposed.

“We had gotten different ballots,” Welch told The City Paper. But when she discovered the error, it was too late. “We had both already cast the ballots.”

H/T to Southern Beale on Twitter

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