Morning Coffee – Presenting Your New Republican Overlords – Pre-Legislative Session Edition

The future of the state lies in these thumbs <shiver>
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The upcoming session of the Tennessee General Assembly begins in just 15 days. Between now and then there will likely be a whole bunch of nothing news wise, except for the TNDP Chair election which is about as exciting as watching socks dry in the rain (no offense guys, but seriously).

Considering the huge shift from a nearly 50-50 split house to the 64-34-1 Republican super-majority, there’s gonna be a lot of changes coming our way. As Jeff Woods reports in the Nashville City paper, they may not be exactly what voters expected.

From the article:

On the to-do list:

• Changing state law to restrict eligibility for unemployment benefits and make it less difficult and time-consuming for businesses to deny payments to workers.

• Enacting caps on damages awarded in lawsuits against businesses, including product liability and medical malpractice cases.

• Streamlining or even eliminating some business regulations, particularly regarding environmental protection.

Good times. 10% unemployment means gut the little bit of help that is keeping these unfortunate folks barely treading water.

Tort reform means that if someone sells you something that hurts you, you’ll only get a percentage of what you might have before regardless of how negligent the business was.

As for the third item, I hope you like Selenium in your water.

Woods also draws quotes from Knoxville stuntbaby and newly elected State Senator Stacey Campfield who is continuing to push his extreme socially conservative bills, saying social and fiscal conservatism shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.


Oh, but this is only the beginning. Still caught in an economic downturn that has seen the return of huge bonuses for banks execs that were previously mere seconds away from failure while regular folks still struggle to survive, the newly elected Republican majority in the US House wants to make sure things get so bad down at the state level that they can effectively force bankruptcy on states by cutting the availability of low interest bonds and in the process, drive a stake in the hearts of those dastardly unions, that have been seeking to ensure people have a living wage for generations. Welcome to the new era of the Pinkertons.

Here’s Sam Seder, subbing in for Keith Olberman on Countdown last night:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Looks like the next two years are going to be a barrel of laughs.

We’ll be keeping an eye out once the legislature gets back in session. A quick glance at bills already filed may be an early indication, including this retaliation bill against the Memphis City Schools filed by Senator Brian Kelsey.

I’m sure these developments will keep keyboards a clicking over the next six months.

Ok, on to the coffee!

Extending the Bush Tax Cuts did more for businesses than anyone else. If you don’t itemize your taxes and you’re a homeowner, you may see an increase.

The economy in Memphis is stagnant, or so says a report by the Federal Reserve.

Mississippi is going to teach Civil Rights in all grades. Suggestion, start with your Governor.

Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland is making shit up again.

Shelby County School Board President David Pickler is promising answers about MCS charter surrender. Of course, he’s perplexed by the whole development, even though a report that his body commissioned with the Memphis City Schools tells the inconvenient truth that he summarily rejects. You can have your own opinion Mr. Pickler, but you can’t have your own facts.

Ok, have a good day out there. Chances are we’ll be out of pocket until after the New Year.

1 comment for “Morning Coffee – Presenting Your New Republican Overlords – Pre-Legislative Session Edition

  1. Vvixen
    December 29, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    And don’t forget SJR 127! Because stripping women’s abortion rights from the Tennessee Constitution is always near the top of the Republican agenda. Never mind that with almost 10 percent unemployment in the state, families are hard-pressed to feed and clothe the children they already have. No! We want to make it even harder for women to choose a health care option they have a right to choose under the U.S. Constitution. Yes, restricting abortion rights is more important than jobs, folks! Because we must protect helpless fetuses from the women who carry them in their uteruses at all cost! *Rolls eyes*

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