Morning Coffee – The Tale of Two Returns Edition UPDATED

Keith Olberman and Conan O'Brien are back on the air

For reasons I’m not so sure about, I’ve been looking at the media page on HuffPo a lot over the past several days. In the process of doing this, I realized that last night marked the return of Conan O’Brien to late-night television after a long and winding journey.

I don’t really watch late-night tv, but watching the build-up to Conan’s return has been interesting. From a purely PR perspective, I don’t think anyone has taken lemons and turned them into lemonade quite as well as he has in recent memory. I have no idea what the ratings were last night, but here’s the liveblog of the premiere if you’re interested.

The other return that’s going to be interesting is that of MSNBC personality, Keith Olberman. Olberman’s absence has been just a few days long, but in that time nearly half a million people have signed a petition in support of him. Trace has a good rundown of what all happened at Newscomahere.

Ok, on to the coffee…

Rich dude is handed a get out of jail free card because he’s rich. Of course there will be civil litigation, but should wealthy people be able to just write a check when they leave someone for dead? I don’t think so.

I don’t know what kind of head injury is required to serve on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, but I suspect it involves leaving your head up you rear too long. The court that’s so full of conservatives it scares the Christian Coalition ruled that a cheerleader who pressed rape charges against a school athlete must cheer for said athlete. WTF? Oh, and she also has to pay the court costs for the defense.

One of the funniest lines ever.

Blame storm rising. According to Governor Phil Bredesen, the blame for the losses last Tuesday lies squarely with the White House.

Today at 3:30 the Memphis City Council will hear the first reading of the proposed Employee Non-Discrimination Ordinance. Here’s a link to the agenda.

In other news, the Shelby County Commission, yesterday, voted to decline funding for a Head Start program. WTF? I find it VERY strange that Wyatt Bunker and Terry Roland voted for this, but Brooks, Burgess, Chism, and Ford voted against it. (I’m not surprised at all that Heidi Shafer voted against it).

And finally, another poll that makes Memphis look bad. Apparently we’re ugly and dumb but make some badass ‘cue. Cutting funding for Head Start isn’t gonna make us any smarter any time soon.

Ok, get out there and do something constructive with your day, like watch the leaves fall. Going to work is for suckers!

Update: We just learned of the passing of State House member Ulysses Jones. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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