Morning Coffee – Speaker Fight

Casada and Harwell in Battle for the gavel

Just because the elections are over doesn’t mean all is lost for political junkies like myself. Even though my junkiness hasn’t been expressed to it’s fullest potential as of late, nothing gets my motor running quite like a power struggle, and that’s exactly what we seem to have in the wake of the Republican wave that swept over the state last week.

House Republican Caucus Chair Glen Casada and former TNGOP Chair Beth Harwell are in a pitched battle for the gavel.

You may remember Casada from this post in response to a boneheaded comment from Casada that people should just “get out there and get a job”. That’s right. This guy wants to be in charge of the State House of Representatives.

The Tennessean’s “In Session” blog posted a letter to the House Republican Caucus by Harwell on Friday. For his part, Casada has been making his case to colleagues as well.

Who will win? Who knows. I don’t have any particular insight into the minds of the House Republican Caucus, so it seems like a wait and see until the caucus gets together on December 8th.

On to the coffee!

The Nashville City Paper looks at the coming thundering herd of Republicans to the State Capitol and the challenges they face… like redistricting.

Speaking of redistricting, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey says Northeast Tennessee is safe from too many changes. That means West Tennessee is screwed.

The Rutherford County Daily News Journal is reports on the Democratic Party’s way forward. Thankfully there’s little blame-storming…for now.

The Commercial Appeal looks at the impact the wave may have on Shelby County. It’s gonna be a weird one for us, no doubt.

In the wake of the election, Governor Phil Bredesen is looking to his future in the Solar biz. To that end, he is defending his investment in his new venture as “nothing improper”. If it walks like a duck….

Reclusive Leftist is talking about feminism and the deletion of the word sexism in the definition. Key phrase:

It’s fascinating the extent to which women have been shamed out of even claiming a movement to address sexism. We just aren’t allowed to have that. Too strident. Too pushy.

Stands, applauds…

The Memphis City Council will conduct its first reading of the Employee Non-Discrimination Ordinance on Tuesday, the West Tennessee Liberal reports. Hopefully it won’t be marked by the shenanigans the last first reading brought forth.

And finally, a shout out to the University of Memphis Mock Trial Team, of which I am a member.

This weekend we went to St. Louis to compete in the Sixth Annual Billiken Barrister Tournament sponsored by Saint Louis University and won 5th place overall, as well as individual awards for Kim Marking, who received a Best Witness award, and Allen Porter was recognized with an attorney award. I’m really proud of our team and look forward to more success in upcoming competitions.

Alright, get out there and do something with your day for chrissakes…and I’m not talking about work. You know, do something productive! 😉

3 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – Speaker Fight

  1. kris

    Hey Steve,

    Could you explain this,”Thankfully there’s little blame-storming…for now”? Do you mean that there was little that could have been done better, that it is good that no one is pushing off blame onto those who don’t deserve it, or both?

  2. Steve Ross Post author


    What I mean by my comment is that outside of the regular trolls the conversation has largely been focused on the way forward rather than who should be blamed for the losses here in Tennessee.

    I recognize that as the events of last Tuesday set in, it is highly likely that “blame storming”, or the casting of blame on others to deflect it from one’s self, may become the focus of the conversation. I hope this doesn’t happen & I’m not really interested in engaging in it.

    We have a lot of work & evaluating to do as Democrats in this state. From my perspective we don’t have time to point fingers. It’s simply not constructive. Hopefully, all Tennessee Democrats, from the old schoolers to newbies like myself can come together & use our individual talents for the good of the party.

    Thanks for reading,

    Steve Ross

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