Morning Coffee – Post-Turkey Day Edition

Gobble, Gobble...

Now that the holiday that officially sanctions gluttony is over, we can get down to really important things, like buying stuff for Christmas. Retailers are licking their chops as we speak.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will ultimately give way to “Whoopsie Wednesday” (12/22) and “I can’t find anything I want Friday” (12/24).

As someone who used to co-own a retail establishment, I can tell you this is the time of year that I most dreaded and looked forward to. When times were bad the cash infusion that the holiday season brought was a Godsend. When times were good, it was like an end of the year bonus. Retailers, especially the mom and pop joints that used to heavily populate the retailing landscape, rely on this time of year to make it through.

Even though we’ve seen a steady decline in these mom and pop shops in the past 30 years, the ones that remain still rely heavily on the end-of-the-year boost the holiday season provides.

In a tip of the hat to the small businesses of the world, American Express launched Small Business Saturday over the weekend to help small businesses compete with the huge marketing power of the big box retailers.

Even though the promotion has passed, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop by your friendly neighborhood locally owned business. These are the shops that help make your town unique. Without them, your town is just another anonymous exit on the retailing bypass.

Take some time over the next 27 days of frenzied spending to pay your favorite locally owned business a visit. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be helping out a neighbor that is truly invested in the community.

Ok, on to the coffee!

If you think the crazy political season is over, think again. The State Legislature goes into session in just over a month and I predict it will make last year’s session look tame by comparison.

Gail Kerr at the Tennessean thinks this is ironic, I think it’s two people doing their jobs by welcoming 50k folks that will spend money in their city.

The Commercial Appeal is fear mongering a business deal between Memphis and Monterrey, Mexico. Because everyone knows that strengthening trade with Mexico ultimately leads to some kind of drug turf war. (rolls eyes)

Last week Memphis Mayor A C Wharton announced that the Memphis Flyer’s Mary Cashiola would be joining his team. Congrats to Mary, we’ll miss your voice at the Flyer, but we look forward to what you’ll bring in helping revitalize the Memphis brand.

Education is important, but not important enough to keep it affordable. Yep, state college tuition is on the rise again. All I can say is this makes my wallet hurt.

For those of you that didn’t know, there’s a runoff election for the District 6 Memphis City School Board Seat on December 7th. The CA published profiles of the candidates, Sarah Lewis and Cherri Davis. Don’t forget to vote on the 7th.

Speaking of the Memphis City Schools, the candidates for that District 6 post may be running for a seat that could disappear by early March if the School Board votes to surrender the charter and voters approve the measure. At least one member of the MCS School Board supports this action.

On a sad (or sadder for that matter) note, comedy genius Leslie Nielsen has gone to that big comedy B movie in the sky.

And finally, a fond farewell from the Hootsvillians to their beloved Newscoma who starts a new job, and a new chapter in Nashville later this week. Congratulations!

Alright, get back to work people. I know we just had a long weekend and all, and you’re still suffering from belly tightness and credit card looseness, but there stuff to do.

Have a great one!

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