Union City Resident Files Complaint Against Bill Sanderson

Back from a lengthy sabbatical, campers. Should be more from me here in the future. As this one is from my neck of the woods, I thought I’d post. Hope to be posting more regularly here in November.

From a TNDP presser.

NASHVILLE – A Union City resident filed a complaint with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance against state House candidate Bill Sanderson of Kenton for his continued disregard for campaign finance laws as the candidate has yet to reveal any campaign expenses other than one in-kind contribution.
Sanderson lists only one in-kind contribution of $4,195.82 from a Republican political action committee during the first three quarters of this year despite mailing several fundraising solicitations, operating two campaign websites and advertising in local newspapers.
“Mr. Sanderson would have the state to believe he is running a full-fledged campaign without spending any money,” Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester said. “That is illegal and Mr. Sanderson knows it. This isn’t the first time he has run for the state House.
“If Mr. Sanderson wants to represent citizens in the General Assembly, he should abide by the laws just like everyone else. If he cannot follow the law, then how will he represent the people of Lake, Obion and Dyer counties? That’s not the kind of leader Northwest Tennessee deserves.”
The complaint was filed with the state today (Thursday, Oct. 14). Sanderson lost a bid for the state House during the November 2008 elections to state Rep. Judy Barker of Union City.
“We need state legislators who are serious about balancing the state’s budget, providing top-notch educational opportunities for our children and creating good-paying jobs for our communities,” Forrester said. “Rep. Barker has proven her dedication to serving the people she represents.
“Mr. Sanderson, on the other hand, wants people to vote for him but he doesn’t want to follow the law. Just last year he sent a fundraising letter to potential donors and included an advertisement for his furniture store in it.
“I guess his strategy is to hawk as much furniture as he can to potential campaign contributors if he comes up short in his bid for the state Legislature. That strategy just strikes me as a little weird and insincere. Northwest Tennessee deserves a serious and honest leader like Rep. Barker,” Forrester added.

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