Mabel Calls Pups In Pubs A Personal Victory

Mabel Was A Protester To Get Pups In Pubs. Photo from 2008

The election is right around the corner. Early voting has begun. Democratic candidates around the state could use your help if you have a little bit of time to phonebank for a couple of hours, hand out a few palm cards or just post why you are voting for whom on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account. Every little bit helps. Of course, my dog, Elderstatesman Mabel, has won the battle so close to her heart.


On to a mid-morning stroll around this great state. Those pesky bloggers are at again writing about politics, stirring the proverbial witches’ stew and talking about things that the MSM doesn’t.

Let’s take a peek into the boiling cauldron.

Well, it’s time to vote for the worst legislation in Tennessee. Do IT!

An interesting chart at Roane Views on political fundraising emails.

Knoxville has a satellite Rally to Restore Sanity on Oct. 30.

Grand Divisions has a post from earlier this week on the Tale of Two City Councils.

I am committing the moral sin of linking to myself, but I think the issue of Reelfoot Lake is a big damned deal.

Reinventing the Mojo in Memphis.

See you soon!

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