Shelby County Poll Shows Upside for Ford

Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford

A poll released yesterday by Yacoubian Research shows that the race for Shelby County Mayor is tightening, though the end results are well within the margin of error.

The poll, conducted last week shows the gap seperating Democratic Nominee Joe Ford and Republican Nominee Mark Luttrell tightening from 5% to 3% with significant gains for Ford from Shelby County’s white voters.

You can view the initial report and the poll summary at WMCTV.

With election day just one day away, both sides are trying to drive turnout. For Ford to win, Yacoubian Research says that Democrats must constitute at least 60% of the voters participating in the election. So far Democratic turnout in Shelby County is around 56%.

Turnout drives every election, and one of the things I’ve been trying to emphasize over the past couple of days is the importance of participation. Sitting on the sidelines doesn’t get your candidate elected, in fact, you silence yourself when you don’t vote.

If you haven’t voted, get yourself prepared to vote tomorrow. There’s no telling how turnout will be, however, if early voting is any indication there’s significant interest in the elections. Democrats will have to beat their early voting turnout to ensure a win on Thursday. Get out and vote early. Don’t let the heat keep you away from the polls.

Polls open tomorrow at 7am and stay open until 7pm. If the election commission sticks with previous custom, voters in line at 7pm will be allowed to vote. If you’re not sure where to vote, use this handy precinct locator. If you live outside Shelby County, you can find your local election commission here.

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