Morning Hangover – Shelby Shocker Edition

Rough Night

It was a rough night here in Shelby County. Not one single county wide Democrat won. Some of the races were closer than others, but in the end, Republicans carried the day.

I’m still processing everything. I want to see more detail, so I can analyze what happened.

What’s crazy to me is that nearly 25,000 more Democrats voted in the Congressional primaries than Republicans in Shelby County. Joe Ford lost by nearly 29,000 votes, which is not all that surprising to me, except for the number. Randy Wade lost by 6600. Regina Newman lost by 4500 votes. 25,000 more Democrats voting than Republicans in Shelby County, and we couldn’t pull out a victory for these two. Kind of unbelievable.

Like I said, I’m still processing. I probably won’t have anything more to say about the election until next week. I need time to talk to people and get some more direct perspective from all parts of town. That’s gonna take a while.

So here’s some links to folks that already have an opinion on the election, and some news articles. I’ve got a post-election hangover…not from the booze, but from the results.

First, there were election glitches.

Next come the threats of lawsuits.

Looks like Knox County suffered the same fate as Shelby.

Cohen won.

Yes, he should have taken a longer break

Cracker has some thoughts.

So does Braisted, and Mack.

This cycle may be over, but another is just beginning. The TNDP wants you to get your door knockin’ hand ready.

Ok, I’m off to work on a research paper.

2 comments for “Morning Hangover – Shelby Shocker Edition

  1. August 6, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Of course, I’m elated about Herenton’s loss.

    I am sorry for the other aspects of your elections.
    We dodged a big bullet here in TN-1. All but two of the local Taliban lost miserably. NO Teabagger candidates won here.
    Most incumbent Dems retained their offices.

    It all turned out even better than we wished for. Now we promote McWherter and Mike Clark for congress.

    Notable Taliban losers were Jim Holcomb, Ron Ramsey and Timothy Hill.
    Keeping those three conservotards at bay was a big, big win for this area.

    What you Shelby bloggers have to do now is ride the Republican winners until they collapse. You know they will blow it, you know they will. Just be there when they do and get them out in the next cycle.

  2. August 6, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Oh, just wondering….

    From your end, how would you rate the job done by the TNDP in your area? Meaning how hard did they work to help incumbent Dems keep those seats?

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