Morning Coffee – The Fraggin’ Heat Edition

Heat Index Graph via NOAA

It’s hot. Damn hot.

It’s “steal a popsicle from a toddler” hot.

Well, maybe it’s not that hot.

Yesterday, I was in a hot warehouse with no air conditioning all afternoon. It sucked. Today will be similar.

There was a bit of relief late in the afternoon. Maybe I was delirious, but it seemed like it cooled down out in East Shelby where I work about 4pm. There was a nice breeze, and some cloud cover. But it was short lived. By the time I made it back to my Midtown abode it was hot as ever.

I’m actually one of those weird people that likes the heat. Not this hot mind you, but something about summer is invigorating to me. I like getting out in it, getting all sweaty and feeling like I’m doing something. I know, I’m insane.

But this is something else. I haven’t lived in Memphis long enough to remember the last heat wave like this here, but I’ve been through this before when I lived across the river in Arkansas.

Looks like it’s not going away any time soon, so stay hydrated and out of the heat as much as possible.

In honor of the heat, I think I’ll have iced coffee this morning…

The NRA has its rankings of GOP Gubernatorial Candidates. Basil Marceaux is a big question mark on their list. However, he’s tops on the Criminal Court Appearance list.

Two West Tennessee State Legislators were selected as the President and Vice-President of the Council of State Governments’ Southern Legislative Conference (SLC). Congratulations to State Senator Mark Norris and State Representative Mark Maddox. The group holds their annual conference in Memphis next year. Y’all give me a shout if you need help with the whole AV thing. That’s my specialty ya know.

In yesterday’s Happy Hour I noted that Roy Herron was under attack by a group of elderly conservatives. Roy’s not taking this lying down, and throws their hot water bottles right back at them.

Political Mailer, or phone sex advert?

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to Photoshop all those politicians out of pictures that haven’t endorsed you. Of course, Joseph Stalin never had this problem.


And finally, if you love music, I suggest you shake your booty over to volunteer for the Memphis Music Heritage Festival. LWC has the deets.

Stay cool y’all, it’s gonna be another scorcher today.

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