Morning Coffee – Sick Boy Edition

Honestly, I felt like death warmed over

It started last Thursday. I was on my way to Jonesboro, when I choked on some coffee, as I am prone to do from time to time. Actually, I can find a way to swallow just about any drink “down the wrong hole” sending me into a coughing fit that would shake your faith in the full credit of the United States.

I actually had to pull over to deal with it, as massive coughing spells and driving a crappy old van with no air conditioning don’t mix. After about 15 min. the coughing subsided, and I was certain that I had expelled all of the offending liquid. By now, I think it was about 10am.

By 4, after completing our primary set-up, I was starting to feel the effects of what I call “the lung”. This is that kind of watery feeling you have in your lungs when you breathe in. Yeah, I knew I was gonna get sick. Still, I soldiered on. Having spent some time in the early 90’s at Jonesboro hospitals, I have less than zero desire to make a return appearance. We finished the show, and drove back to Memphis. I was hacking the whole way.

The Friday I had scheduled for myself didn’t allow for illness. An early morning call, followed by an afternoon of setting up equipment that was larger than the space allowed. I didn’t have time to be sick. By 2pm I was asleep in a parking lot with the car on awaiting my next assignment. I felt horrible. Thankfully, we got it done fairly quickly and I called it a day. By now I knew that I would be spending the next 24 hours mostly on the couch.

I don’t do “sick” well, but I know pretty well how to knock it out when I need to. After procuring my “tools of the trade” which consisted of Sudafed, lots of soup, saltine crackers, various juices and Emergen-C, I retired to the couch to be pitiful for a while. Really, I needed to get over this because the next day I had crap to do, and I couldn’t afford to be sick then either.

My 1pm meeting on Saturday came all too quickly. I still felt like death warmed over, and the Sudafed and nearly 24 hours of forced sleep had my brain feeling like someone had covered it in plastic wrap and left it in the back of the freezer. I could tell I was feeling better, but I didn’t want to over-do it, lest I fall back into the sickness that had been the past 24 hours. By 4 I was done for the day and got back to sleeping. I’m not much of a sleeper, but when I don’t feel good you’d be hard pressed to get me to do anything else. I slept pretty much non-stop until Sunday morning.

By then I was sick of being sick. Like I said, I don’t do sick well, and I hate feeling like I can’t do something when I want to do it. The congestion had subsided somewhat, a box of Kleenex later, the chest pain was at a manageable level, it was time to do some work. Ellyn and Frannie were set to return from vacation in the early evening and the last thing I wanted was to be sick when they got here.

I worked my way through it, doing menial, but important chores around the house that didn’t require too much brain power or stamina. By 5pm I almost felt like my old self again. Chores nearly done, I anxiously awaited their arrival back from “Arkansas with a beach” aka Florida.

Their arrival made the transformation complete. If I felt sickly before, that feeling was replaced with the joy of having them home after over a week away. I missed them so much, I can’t tell you how happy I was to have them back.

Yesterday was our one year anniversary. What a great present to have them return. It was a long week without them, made longer by my untimely illness. I’m so happy to have them in my life, and don’t want to have to go another second without them.

I love you guys. Happy Anniversary Ellyn, here’s to many more.

Ok, how’s about some coffee…

There was a fire at the proposed site of an Islamic Center in Murphreesboro. Yeah, it was arson, big time. Tom Humphrey also with the coverage.

Tonight at 7pm there’s a candlelight vigil against intolerance sponsored by Middle Tennesseans for Religious Freedom.

Dreamday Cafe on religious intolerance.

Folks are none too happy with how the whole Making Home Affordable Program hasn’t been working. I can tell you first hand that borrowers are doing everything in their power to NOT help people.

Looks like Bill Haslam is putting his family’s billions to work. Shiver.

HFJ says he has no political future in Tennessee. Well not now, especially after that book!

The former face of the TNGOP is popping up a lot since the primary. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Coal Ash is worse for you than originally thought. I’m sure that’s comforting to no one. Has TVA fixed that yet or are they still dragging their feet?

The search for the mystical $57 million begins. I smell another tax bill.

Wendi says history will put Glen Beck in his place. History still has working sanitariums? Who knew?

Is it time for local third parties? Personally, I think the majority of the American public is stuck in binary.

Ok, off to the races. School starts this week and it’s busy as all get out anyway. have a good one!

1 comment for “Morning Coffee – Sick Boy Edition

  1. August 30, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Let’s see….

    1) I was one of, if not the, first to tear HFJ down and expose his lies and Right-leaning ways. I bombarded NY blogs with facts about Ford that I hope helped do him in there.
    He has no political future in TN? He has no political future anywhere if I can help it. Unless he just becomes GOP which he is anyway. At least then he’ll have only one face.

    I can deal with pols that have one face. No matter how ugly.
    It’s the two-faced I can’t stand.

    2) I can’t believe that Obama has not wiped the TVA leadership clean of BushBots. Another mistake that could cost him later.

    3) I would prefer to see a speeding Greyhound put Glenn Beck in his “place”. History can be unkind, but a bus moving 70 mph can turn Beck into a human water balloon and that is far more appealing.

    4) Local Thirds? Tennessee has one of the stronger Green Party’s in the nation. The problem with Greens (which I am at heart) is that they offer candidates based on character instead of electability.
    Cindy McKenney is a far better person most party leaders. More courageous too. But nobody outside the GP cares about candidate integrity. We care about electing the lesser of two evils and all too often, it’s not much lesser.

    I always thought it would be cool to have Al Gore, Nader, Kucinich, Ventura, Alan Greyson, Steve Cohen and a few other realists join the Greens or create a party of their own.
    I just don’t think America is ready for that much truth.

    Hope you feel better soon. 😉

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