Morning Coffee – Problems and Solutions Edition

This is not a black and white world
To be alive
I say that the colours must swirl
And I believe
That maybe today
We will all get to appreciate
The Beauty of Grey
– Live – The Beauty of Grey

We live in a world with lots of complex problems. Some are more complex than others. Yet despite the complexities, we, as a whole, seem more than willing to focus on one or two things, to prescribe a solution. And even though we know that said solution will not solve all the problems, we often bill it as such to help persuade those who also recognize there problem even though we may not all agree on what that problem is.

While reducing an argument to this lowest common denominator may be useful in the rhetoric of campaigns or persuasion, it is also somewhat intellectually dishonest. No solution is a panacea. No solution is going to make things magically better. In fact, the only way to make things better is through a lot of hard work and concerted effort, though the people who present their solutions to problems would be loathe to admit that, because we all know no one likes hard work, or concerted effort. We just want it fixed and we don’t want to have to do much to achieve this state of “fixed”.

In government, most solutions are a balance of plusses and minuses. There will be those who believe they are losing something, and those who believe they are gaining. Once the solution is implemented, the problem may not actually be solved, which creates a whole new round of “winners” and “losers”, except this time its not based on perception.

The truth is, in any solutions someone’s “giving something up”, and someone’s “gaining” something. There is no solution, in government or anything else, where everyone benefits equally. In fact, it may take many years for the “winners” to realize their reward, giving them ample time to get frustrated and chart a new course away from this reward.

We all want instant gratification which is impossible.

An honest assessment of any solution will clearly state the problem that it seeks to solve, and additional problems it may create. For whatever reason, we’re not allowed to have that level of discourse in this county on most issues. Instead, we buy into short-term solutions from long-term problems, and maintain a permanent state of disappointment when they are never “solved”, or when they create another “problem”.

Nothing is as black and white as we want it to be. Nothing can be reduced to that level if we’re honestly looking at the entirety of the problem. The key is to find peace in the grey, and be willing to make adjustments so neither side of the see-saw bottoms out shaking the whole system.

Maybe we need to learn to appreciate grey a little more. The wild swings between black and white haven’t been serving us that well.

That was too much bar room philosophy for this early in the morning. On to the coffee!

I’m sure this will be a love fest.

Should we change our name to the “I wanna be sedated” state?

I’ll take hijacking for $1000 Alex.

Free speech can have costly consequences. Goldni on how the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from being an idiot.

Have a great day!

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