Morning Coffee – It Takes Different Folks

Howdy folks. Haven’t had the time to blog here at Speak to Power for a bit but I’m back in the saddle today, hopefully. Grand Slam Steve Ross is without the tubes this morning so I’m here to raise a glass of java with you.

I actually have been on the road in northwest Tennessee meeting with constituents. It has been rather interesting. These folks aren’t online and following the political groove of Tennessee bloggers. They are asking questions and aren’t looking for a specific answer, just answers in general. I really needed this because it’s helped me more readily understand the non-virtual world a bit better regarding that most people really just want to know about how to be a part of bringing the area back to what it once was. As northwest Tennessee has a large amount of unemployed people at this point due to loss of dozens of manufacturing industries, the main concerns were how they can be a part of redeveloping the area.

The most intriguing group of people I’ve met recently were a group of bikers whose main objective, other than getting on their Harleys and letting the wind rip through them, is raising money for charities. Toys for Tots, cash for uninsured friends who are facing debilitating medical bills and Walk of Hope. In one place I stopped, it was amazing to see that they have even set up a book exchange for their friends.

It takes different and diverse people to make a community. I’ve been learning this and have been reminded that the world is much bigger and has more layers than I could ever imagine.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to.

On to the coffee …

Southern Beale breaks down many things. Specifically is why is the GOP getting their blogging base and Democrats aren’t, as on commenter wrote, supporting their supporters.

Mike McWherter will be in Memphis tomorrow night meeting with the Germantown Democratic Club. Cracker has the details.

Captain Kona discusses the “truthiness” of Phil Roe.

Democrat Vs. Democratic.

Chas Sisk has a story in the Tennessean today on how TN Democrats, focusing on the race in the 48th,  hope to take back the house.

Bianca Phillips has some non-discrimination events today in re: to the second reading of the Memphis Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance this afternoon.

And finally, take a look at history in Chattanooga through the eyes of Dan Lehr at the Public Interest. Amazing.

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