Morning Coffee – Insert Snarky Title Here Edition

My thoughts exactly

I would like to apologize in advance for a lack of snark this morning. I’ve been writing this epic research paper about minority disenfranchisement and legislative representation in local governing bodies for about two weeks, and well, the research that I’ve done has sucked the snark right out of my bones.

I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon enough.

There’s a lot going on, and now as the summer semester is winding down, hopefully I’ll have time to tackle some of it.

This has been a brutal five weeks for me. As frequent readers know, I usually don’t have much of a problem cranking out four or five 500 word missives a day, unless the news is slow or something, but the past two weeks have been a delicate balancing act between school and the blog. Honestly, I’ve had a lot to write about, but little time to do it. That will all change with the end of this semester on Friday.

Ok, enough excuses, on to the Coffee!

Cohen says don’t blame the victims.

Gibbons thinks Haslam’s lack of transparency on financial affairs is fine with voters.

Republicans are cranking up the robocalls against Lincoln Davis.

Jim Cooper thinks the state don’t need no mo federal money, others disagree.

State AG Commissioner Ken Givens has left his post to join Team McWherter.

State Republicans already have a race for House Speaker on their hands.

Pam Murray is suing Jamie Hollin over hyper-local blogging and her recall.

I think this may be a case of police harassment, or just a severe coffee deficit.

Ok, get out there and live it up, yo!

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