Morning Coffee – Back in the Saddle Edition

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind...

Four days after the election and I’m still not sure what to think of the results here in Shelby County. This is partially because the Election Commission hasn’t released the entire participating voter list yet, and partially because the majority of the “burn down the village” analysis directed at the local Democratic Party has some elements of truth and many more elements of “I told ya so”-i-tude.

We know something’s broken. In fact, if there’s a single Democrat in Shelby County that doesn’t recognize something’s wrong, they’re blind. We all know something ain’t right, but at this point, I don’t know that we agree on what it is.

But we don’t have time to argue this. With less than 90 days before the Statewide General Election, we have to learn fast and move faster.

We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get right back up in the saddle to do our part to try and keep from getting redistricted back into the stone ages.

It’s hard to get up after being knocked down so soundly, but that’s exactly what we have to do.

I’m still catching up from my weekend work on a research paper, but here are some links that I liked as I make my way through my overstocked reader.

Tom Humphrey looks at the Gubernatorial Candidate’s fathers.

Bill’s glass jaw and other musings.

More crossover? No thank you.

Reginald Milton has some thoughts on what happened here in Shelby County.

Finally, in preparation for the November election, the fundraisers begin for one of Shelby County’s own.

Have a great day. We’ll be in and out this week, and apologize in advance for the spotty posting.

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