Morning Coffee – ASCII Art Edition


I’ve been looking at text a lot over the weekend, which got me to thinking about ASCII Art.

I remember seeing ASCII Art for the first time back in the early 80’s when I still lived in Osceola. It was printed on that old green and white lined paper. I remember it because it was a picture of a hand flipping someone off. Not all art begins in high places…

Now there are programs dedicated to making better looking ASCII Art. Certainly, its a niche market, but for some reason it’s interesting to me. As someone who spends hours upon hours reading and writing, the idea of it taking some form other than paragraphs or fields on a spreadsheet is pretty wild.

I guess I should have called this “Random thought edition”

Ok, on to the coffee!

Ken Whitehouse at The City Paper looks at the real importance of this election.

McWherter and Forrester meet in East Tenessee and talk elections.

State Senator Dianne Black pays some back taxes. I’m sure she’s been busy…

Ron Ramsey is getting some robocall help with his Gubernatorial bid, to the tune of $40 grand.

Zach Wamp is mad.

Steffens has the early voting numbers for Big Shelby. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Have a good day y’all. Posting is going to be light this week again. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back to normal after the primary.

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