Happy Hour – We’ll See How This Goes

The problem with writing a post about Happy Hour on your lunch break is the cruel reality that you’re still half a day away from Happy Hour.

Then there are things that happen between the time I’m writing this and when it’s going to post, like, oh I dunno, the 3pm presser with Willie Herenton. Yeah, that might be something to look at.

Oh well, it’s Happy Hour, and I need not concern myself with such trivialities.

Nope, time to just sit back and relax and try to forget the day gone by.

Yeppers, that’s the only thing on my mind right about now.

Oh yeah, that, and these…

Update: Thaddeus broadcast the presser but the archive isn’t up yet. Looks like Herenton is holding to his 3-1 win ratio, and he’s using this as his proof. Well, that and his internal poll. By internal, I mean the one he cooked up in his head. We’ll see how that works out. Now back to what I wrote back at lunch, I’m sure it’s as fresh as the minute I wrote it.

TennCare is expanding it’s CHOICES program to East and West Tennessee. I wonder how long until Ron Ramsy calls it death panels. (I know, that’s so last August)

The Fightin’ 8th is the country’s most expensive primary. Here’s what some locals have to say about it.

If you’re thinking about crossing party lines to vote for (or against) someone, the impact of that action isn’t as great as you think it is.

Reportedly he said, I’d buy that for a dollar. Then he did.

University of Georgia is the nation’s No. 1 Party School. I’m sure parents are thrilled.

The Triceratops has gone the way of the planet Pluto. Don’t worry ‘tops, troubled dinosaur teen or not, I still believe you were your own kind of dinosaur.

Bottom’s up!

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