Happy Hour – Tired Fingers Edition

I keep this image handy in case I forget

I’ve been a posting fool today y’all. Actually, I started writing last night, but I shouldn’t pull the veil back too far, you might see all my secrets.

Anyway, as I am a fairly violent typist, my fingers are killing me. What I mean by violent, is that I type very hard on the keys. If I didn’t have this plastic cover over my keys I probably wouldn’t have to do that, but since I don’t like drinks in my computer, the plastic cover stays. Got it?

But that doesn’t help my fingers, so there ya go.

Anyway, I know that Saturday I said that posting would be sparse this week, but I’m taking the opportunity to post while I can now. Just know that after 1pm on Thursday, I’m out until Saturday or Sunday.

Ok, I’m off to rest my weary fingers, but you look like you could use a drink.

It’s Happy Hour, get to it!

You think early voting turnout was good statewide? Check out the numbers in Dyersburg, 25%. WOW!

Southern Beale thinks we should leave the flag burning to the crackpots, even if it is the Confederate flag.

Two Gubernatorial Candidates have new TV ads out. One on the Democratic side and one on the awww damn look at that side.

Elderly Conservatives plan to attack Roy Herron. Word is they’ll chase him on their Jazzies and throw stale cookies at him.

A C thinks you should spy on your neighbors, especially if they don’t have an AC. That town in Arkansas to the west of us isn’t having it’s night out because of the heat. It’s hot out there, we need to look after each other.

Polar Donkey agrees that the TN-09 race will be a rout, just not for Herenton.

Don’t forget to tip your bartender. Cheers!

2 comments for “Happy Hour – Tired Fingers Edition

  1. Smac
    August 3, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Bahahaha Mimosa Computer!

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