Two Rivers Golf Course Day

$185 right now is a week’s salary for many Tennesseans .

Tennessee Republicans in the state Legislature admit they “have no problem” playing golf at taxpayer expense instead of balancing the state’s budget and working to solve problems for their communities.

State Rep. Pat Marsh of Shelbyville and three other Republican members of the state House of Representatives each collected $185 in per diem recently while spending the afternoon at Two Rivers Golf Course, according to a WSMV TV Channel 4 investigative report that aired on Tuesday.

“I have no problem with that at all,” Marsh replied when asked if he should be paid per diem while playing golf. State lawmakers are paid $185 each day the Legislature is in session to cover daily expenses.

Read the rest at the TNDP’s blog.

I’m sure we will have more later on this as it’s astounding that with so many people out of work that Marsh has his hand out when he’s playing golf.

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