The Race In The 8th

I don’t think a Fincher win is a given. If you had asked me two months ago, I would have said it was probably going to be the Frog Jump farmer but now, I’m not so sure.

I live in the 8th and the mailouts from all three GOP candidates has been mind-boggling. I can’t remember seeing this much literature in a long time. Each candidate wants this badly. Personalized (form) letters, huge colorful mailers and attacks like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

When Crockett County farmer Stephen Fincher decided to run for Congress last year, it was as a long shot Republican challenger to longtime incumbent Democratic Rep. John Tanner.

Since then, Tanner has announced his retirement from the 8th House District seat representing northwestern Tennessee, and two more Republican candidates – physicians Ron Kirkland of Jackson and George Flinn of Memphis – have entered the fray to replace him.

Fincher, an early favorite of the National Republican Congressional Committee, has meanwhile had to deflect criticism that he is too close with the congressional incumbents who support him, that he has voted in recent local Democratic primaries and for taking federal farm subsidies while at the same time railing against out-of-control federal spending.

Once the primary is over, they are going to have a fight on their hands. Roy Herron is ready. Trust me on this one.

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  1. Dave Cambron
    July 19, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Democrats will win this District, no matter who is elected. Shelby County supports Roy Herron.

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