The Most Important Election In Recent Memory

R. Neal is breaking down the races around the state in a timely post this afternoon.

We’ve finally gotten around to looking at the 99 races for the Tennessee House of Representatives. As you are aware (but we’ll repeat it like a broken record anyway), this is the most important election in recent memory because of the gerrymandering redistricting that will occur after the 2010 Census.

If Republicans maintain their tenuous control of the House, Democrats are out of business for a generation and our kids will be praying in public schools at the start of every Jesus rode dinosaurs class for vouchers and guns for Christmas so they can grow up to meet the gays, immigrants and Obama at the border after stopping by the Pilot to gas up the Hummer and buy a lotto ticket and a pack of cigs on the way.

Assuming our counts are correct, here are some basic numbers (for the purposes of this discussion.

Go see what he’s looking at Knox Views.

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