R. Neal Chooses Haslam? Only In The GOP Primary, Relax!

R. Neal at KnoxViews lays out his reasons for getting behind his Mayor for the GOP primary, at least.  First, he smacks down Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey:

Ron Ramsey might be an appealing candidate for Democrats to run against, but as liberal, left-wing Democrats we cannot in good conscience recommend him. He would reduce the size of State Government, cut taxes, eliminate social welfare programs, and work aggressively with Tennessee’s Congressional delegation to fight federal involvement in such matters as health care, energy, and the environment. In short, he would be a disaster for the Obama-Pelosi agenda and everything liberals stand for.

So true, indeed.  He’s not done yet, though, he’s got some for Zach Wamp, too:

Zach Wamp seems like a nice enough fellow, although a little intense at times. But he’s been in Washington too long and gotten too much support for Tennessee jobs in the automotive and defense industries, which aren’t in line with our liberal, left-wing ideology. Not only that, he has voted to restrict abortions, voted against cap and trade, and voted against the stimulus bill. Wamp is clearly out of step with the progressive liberal agenda.

Again, preach it, brother Neal, you have the choir singing well.  So, let him speak of Haslam:

Haslam has brought millions of federal dollars to Knoxville to improve neighborhoods and appointed a known Democrat to oversee it. He has gotten millions more in federal funding for homeless housing and secured large development fees for non-profit builders to build it. He has gotten more federal funding plus committed millions more in future local property tax revenues to revitalize Knoxville’s blighted downtown and help out struggling real estate developers.

Although he recently joined the NRA, Haslam at one time supported more restrictions on gun ownership and only reluctantly allowed guns in parks and playgrounds out of concern that the laws banning them were too confusing. And he’s not afraid to raise taxes when it has to be done.

Raise taxes???  But, but, but, but how can he be a REAL Republican if he has RAISED TAXES??  Hmm, maybe Mr. Neal is trying to imply something here?

As best we can tell, the only reason he’s running as a Republican is because that’s what candidates in East Tennessee do to get elected. With recent endorsements by various Tea Party groups and all his anti-federal, states-rights posturing, Haslam is simply running hard to the right in the primary and will govern to the left if he gets elected. Democrats could do a lot worse. (See above.)

I won’t give away the ending, you need to read the rest of it, but this is brilliant, my applause to my mentor from the east!

4 comments for “R. Neal Chooses Haslam? Only In The GOP Primary, Relax!

  1. Number9
    July 7, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Check out how the people of Knoxville feel about Mayor Bill Haslam:


    How many other Tennessee Mayor’s have ballot referendums against their most important city plan? Is that what you call leadership?

  2. July 7, 2010 at 10:17 am

    You still haven’t figured out that Randy was playing everybody, have you???

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