Mourning Coffee – There Is None In The House

I have been at two locations today which did not have coffee. I scowled about that on this post July 4th holiday where I believe that a lot of Americans have the day off from work. I work from home so there really isn’t ever a day off for me so when the coffee runs out, the only person I can give the evil eye to has to be in the mirror for proper evil eye staring.

It’s been a slow and leisurely weekend where last night’s festivities made me a bit stabby for a variety of reasons, one being that I don’t get fireworks exploded from home.  A few years ago, a bottle rocket was set off at my father’s house and went sideways, going up the shorts of my sister leaving one of the nastiest burns I’ve ever seen. This was while her two children watched. I leave the fireworks to the professionals. However, I wasn’t with  professionals last night  who literally scared me to death with their fireworks hijinks.

I think they are pretty standing on the bridge off the Cumberland River or watching Riverfront Park, but in a corn field it just doesn’t do it for me. And this guy lost his arm this weekend so if you are going to continue the fireworks revelry, be smart about it. As for my sister’s scar from the bottle rocket, it’s still there. You just don’t know where these things are going.

To each his own.

Off to the races …

Finn has a different take this morning on how the privacy of her life has been invaded, for lack of a better word, with social online tools. So she has decided to pick up some deadwood and go old school with a journal.

Doug has one of the most unsettling videos you will see. 2,053 nuclear bombs have been set off in the last 53 years.

Madison County has opened their democratic headquarters. Kathy Chambers has the photos.

The Intersection of Madness and Reality writes this morning of economic enslavement. Be sure to read the weight of the first graph.

The Coast Guard is banning reporters from the oil spill. Anderson Cooper, yeah that one, is livid.

Glen Dean is closing Tennessee Free down.

Southern Beale asks for conservative legislators to just say No!

And I’ll play blog courtesan this morning with a post I wrote over at Newscoma about overreaching and how it’s a good thing.

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