Morning Coffee – Up All Night Edition

I’m nearly certain that this is the second or third time I’ve used this heading. When you already don’t get a lot of sleep, doing something to get even less makes it that much more noticeable.

Anyway, yeah I stayed up late last night, which really wasn’t all that late for most people, but when you normally get up around 5 am late is early.

What’s funny to me is that no matter what, if I stay up later than normal, this song pops into my head when I wake up. I could have slept like a baby and feel totally refreshed, but still this song haunts me.

It’s kind of annoying, so I thought I would share the annoyingness with you. Hope you’re enjoying it.

So, enough of that, I need some coffee, pronto!

Yesterday we reported about an endorsement of Bill Haslam. Seems that endorsement caused a stir. Heh, I love it.

Speaking of endorsements, Tennessee Right to Life gave its cursed endorsement to Frog Jumper Stephen Fincher. Seriously, when’s the last time they endorsed someone who won?

Mike McWherter was in Memphis yesterday, tough you wouldn’t know it from the headline. I was there and will have more on that later this morning.

Remember that oil spill in the gulf? Looks like it made it into Lake Pontchartrain. Also there are some 27,000 aging uninspected wells in Gulf. See what drill baby drill gets ya! Sheesh!

Have a great day!

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