Morning Coffee – TNDP Edition

Vice-President Joe Biden hit Nashville last night where the TNDP held Jackson Day raising about $400,000 dollars for state democrats. The usual stuff happened where there was talk of economic recovery and the like.  Al Gore showed up, a bevy of candidates including Mike McWherter and Roy Herron.

Basically, the democrats had a hootenanny, raised some money and now have to head back to work facing the primary coming up in just a few short weeks.

Tom Humphrey has a break down from the state’s political reporters on their observations of the evening.

Our cohort Steve Ross was in Nashville and should have some words as well on Monday. $400,000 isn’t bad and can help buy some cheetos during these final months in the campaign season.

On to Saturday morning coffee:

White’s Creek breaks down the Zack Wamp:

Then there’s this…If Zach’s negative ads narrow the gap to the point that Haslam gets worried, Zach will have to run for cover under the barrage of attack ads he’ll face. The Wamp closet will get ripped open and every crusty old bone will be shined up and put on display. We remember Zach’s disgusting campaign ad from his original run for Congress after Daddy’s money bought him out of bankruptcy in his real estate business. We remember all those stories of Zach’s drug use. We remember all those stories about Zach’s Washington associations and his subsidized housing on C street by a creepy right wing religious group. We remember this and a lot more and we’re just sitting on the sidelines with amusement wondering if Zach is going to awake the sleeping beasts in the Haslam camp, because if WE remember these things, it is guaranteed that certain high cost attack hounds in Haslam’s camp are pacing back and forth in their cages just waiting to be turned loose.

Hutchmo asks you a question.

Let’s play a game.  Let’s pretend it’s tomorrow morning.  You walk out of your house.  Name ONE right you don’t have as you walk out of the house that you had when Obama took office.  I’m not talking about what you THINK will happen or speculation, I want to know one right you had back in 2008, you don’t have right now.

This book trailer from Aunt B.’s family for her new book is just wonderful.

See you on the flip…

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