Morning Coffee – Post Explosion Edition

The Innards of Fireworks Revealed
Via How Stuff Works

The ground was littered with the remnants of celebrations, fireworks casings and cookouts yesterday as I sleepily awoke. The night before had been one of celebration as friends gathered to celebrate the birth of a nation.

Now, two days later, the only real indication this weekend was different than any other is burned places on the pavement from the fireworks that were shot, the strange absence of antacid from the shelves of stores, and piles of trash bags that grace just about every dumpster on the block.

About two blocks from the party I was attending, a garage caught on fire and burned to the ground. Several of us watched in amazement as the Memphis Fire Department worked to save what was left of the structure, and prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings. The garage didn’t make it, but from what we could tell, no one was hurt.

Thank goodness.

I haven’t really taken time to reflect on the weekend, or the events that transpired. In all, it was a good weekend. I actually gave myself permission to sleep more than my normal 6 hours a night, something that rarely if ever really happens. I also gave myself permission to completely and totally ignore everything that was going on in the rest of the world, which is also something that I almost never do.

Its important to sometimes unplug and just focus on the micro, especially when the macro often feels well beyond your reach.

I won’t say that the weekend gave me a new perspective, but I will say that taking time to disengage now and again can leave you refreshed and renewed, ready for the tasks ahead of you.

I hope that all of you were able to find some time for you and yours. Most importantly, I hope that regardless of what your long weekend held you were able to recharge your batteries. The next several weeks on the way to November are going to be the back half of a marathon.

On to the coffee!

Today is the last day to get your voter registration forms in if you want to vote in the August Election. You can download the form here, then mail it to your election commission. Not sure where to mail it? Use this handy online search tool. All registration forms postmarked by today will be accepted for the August election and voters will be eligible to vote in August.

Tom Humphrey is talking aboutFederal money to the states and the looming State House and Senate elections.

The TEP is also looking at the upcoming elections in a couple of posts.

Fayette County is realizing it must be the master of it’s own destiny when it comes to development.

There were a couple of articles about Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron Ramsey this weekend.

An Op-Ed in the Jackson Sun talks about the price of partisanship for the unemployed.

And finally, Steffens over at LWC sounds the alarm about an appearance in Shelby County by Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mike McWherter. The CA has the coverage.

Hope you had a great weekend. Here’s to an abbreviated week!

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