Morning Coffee – No Pithy Title Edition

Morning, campers, It’s WEDNESDAY, woo-hoo!  Right, I’m not that excited either, and neither are Democratic voters, apparently.  Well, it’s hot, it’s humid, with no sign from anywhere that we are in for any relief any time soon.

Let’s not waste time, I need coffee and so do you!

Wow! SEVEN in TEN voters in a statewide poll OPPOSE the idea of firearms in restaurants.  Anyone here think that Democrats should use this in the fall campaign for the legislature?  I do.

However, in other polling news, SEVENTY-TWO percent of voters apparently support the Arizona law allowing police to check for proof of citizenship at traffic stops and other police stops.  Ok, how many of YOU carry proof of citizenship?

The last thing Jacksonians needed to hear: Stanley Black & Decker is closing its distribution center there, with 80 more people joining the unemployment rolls.  What happened to the recovery.  Oh wait, they’re not BANKERS, though, are they?  Sad, sad, sad.

The Flyer’s John Branston discusses the districting plan that the Metro Charter Commission is proposing for a metro government.

All right then, time to get ready for work.  if you have not early-voted, you have until this Saturday at 4 PM to do so; if you insist on being a traditionalist, Election Day is one week from tomorrow!  Enjoy your day, folks!

1 comment for “Morning Coffee – No Pithy Title Edition

  1. July 28, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Good stuff. The poll results on the guns in bars issue is interesting and relieving.

    Proof of citizenship? I carry my social security card always. Illegals have to go unless circumstances suggest they be given clemency. Length of time in the country, contributions to society, family and health situations, criminal record… Just a few criteria that could be considered when deciding to expel an illegal immigrant.

    But this has to be done, as ugly as it has potential to be.

    My business got burgled Late Sat night. 8’000 loss…
    Thanx for the joe, I needed it. 😉

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