Morning Coffee – Lazy Wednesday

I woke up late this morning and have had a hard time getting going.

I think this may be a common problem for me on Wednesdays. No, I haven’t gone back to look at past Wednesday morning posts or anything, but for some reason I feel that Wednesday is the day that I dread more than anything else.

Yeah, I’m sure I’ve written this before.

Well, since I’m feeling lazy and all written out from my marathon writing class this semester, I guess I’ll just prop my feet up and have a cup-a-joe.

On to the coffee!

Smart City Memphis comes with a smackdown for Belelvue Baptist and the Tea Party set.

Mediaverse has some commentary on the “race” for the 9th district.

This morning at 10:30 in the Forrest Room of the Peabody Hotel Harold Ford Jr. will publicly endorse Joe Ford for County Mayor. Also of note: In a sign that election day is looming, someone has filed a complaint against the Ford Administration. Of course, the originator of that complaint wasn’t reported.

Tennessee may have open primaries, but try telling that to the folks in Crossville, where one voter was denied a Republican ballot for voting in Democratic Primaries in the past. Nice.

And finally, what would you do if someone broke into your house and then sat down and mumbled at you? I don’t know either, but here’s what these people did in that situation.

Have a great day, and vote dadgummit!

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