Morning Coffee – I Said I Wouldn’t, But I’m Gonna Edition

John Boehner
Orange complexion courtesy of the oompa loompa

So yesterday I talked about old habits, and in that post I bemoaned the way that I used to torture myself with Morning Joe.

I was doing that very thing as I was writing Morning Coffee. Unfortunately for me, just when Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei came on, I turned it down because he makes me stabby. So I missed the whole darn thing about John Boehner being lazy.

Hurts my heart.

Anyway, it made me wonder if that time slot is cursed for politics or something. Seems like every couple of years there’s a huge gaffe. Actually, it’s probably less than that. Sleepy eyed political pukes on TV before brunch? MADNESS!

So there, I said I wouldn’t talk about it again, but I am talking about it again, because nothing makes me happier than stories about the Republican Party in disarray.

Part of me wonders though, if Scarbrough isn’t just playing smackmaster for Eric Cantor. He’s more up Joe’s ally, if you know what I mean, and he’s not that weird color orange or anything.

You know he’s making a play for leader. What better news for him than a talking head talking about the current leader being lazy.

Interesting….but I need coffee!

Wondering what the Tennessee Legislature did for all those months and how it effects you? Tom Humphrey has the deets on the laws that go into effect today.

State Senator Jim Tracy is probably kicking himself for a law he pushed that’s now allowing a mosque he opposes to be built. I can’t help but snicker. If you value religious freedom, you oughta give Ben Leming a look. He may be the only non-crazy person in the race. Actually, he seems downright rational. What a concept!

I know it’s hard to believe that a division of the Memphis City Government could be open to fraud, but one is. Mayor Wharton says he’s on the case.

Speaking of Memphis, yesterday they inked a lease agreement with Bass Pro for the Pyramid.

Hey Memphis peeps, go vote for Kontji Anthony in that “Hey Oprah, give me a show” thing. Seriously, that would be awesome.

I can’t wait for the coming long weekend, so I may just partake in it starting this afternoon. Well, probably not, but tomorrow for sure.


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