Morning Coffee – Hard Rain Edition

My Street, from several months ago

It’s been raining like mad for the past two days. That’s not a complaint. I’m glad that the weather has taken the temperatures down a notch, makes working in a non-air conditioned warehouse much more enjoyable.

But it’s also a complicating factor. People just don’t drive well in the rain. There’s some question if they drive well when it’s NOT raining. Adding an additional complicating factor, or obstacle isn’t going to make people better drivers.

Then there’s the persistent lightning. A woman was hit by lightning out near Shelby Farms last night. Freaky.

WMC says the rain should be leaving the Mid-South after today, and the heat and humidity will be coming back in full swing. Oh well, the cooler temperatures were nice while while they lasted.

On to the Coffee!

There was a gubernatorial debate last night, in case you didn’t know. Michael Cass at In Session liveblogged the event if you want a blow by blow account. You can read more coverage here, here, here, here, and here. Also, Aunt B gives her reaction.

Fearless VK has some questions about Consolidation.

Southwest Tennessee Community College is ramping up the “green jobs” training.

Someone really needed to work on their drive.

Your credit score is likely getting worse.

And finally, tonight Robert Plant graces the stage of the Orpheum.

Have a great day and try to stay out of the rain, and the coming heat wave that will surely follow.

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