Morning Coffee – Going Back to Bed Edition

I'm sure the sensation is cooling, but cleanup must be a real pain.

It’s been an exasperatin’ week. I haven’t written anything over here since Tuesday. A 50 hour work week on top of a research project that’s dominating what little spare time I have will do that to ya. I’m not complaining, just explaining. Sorry the writing has been so scarce this week, but big thanks to Steve Steffens for helping out. As Trace noted yesterday, we’ve both been slammed. Never underestimate the power of redneck ninjas, that’s all I’m saying.

Today’s the last day to early vote. If you haven’t done it already, please get out there and vote. Voting is the simplest way to make your voice heard. Early voting locations in Shelby County can be found here, for the rest of the state go here and select your county of residence.

Looking at my reader, I see there’s a lot I’ve missed this week. I’m not going to even try to cover all of it here, but the whole Basil Marceaux thing is so over the top that I’m doing a giddy dance in my chair. Wow, how did I miss this?

So here’s the deal. I’ve got over 3000 posts to sift through since Wednesday, and I really want to go back to bed. Some of these may be duplications, so be warned. Here are some highlights of the week gone by.

On to the Coffee!

GOP Gubernatorial race? RoaneViews calls it the Triangular firing Squad.

Basil Marceaux, the AP interview.

The Tri-State Defender endorses Steve Cohen in TN-09.

Mediaverse looks at calls on the Commercial Appeal to rescind its endorsement of Bill Oldham over potential Hatch Act violations.

Van Turner’s had a busy week, including smacking down an impostor posing as the Shelby County Democratic Party.

Some Republican legislators went to Arizona to genuflect to their nativist legislation. State Senator Eric Stewart is not impressed. Braisted has some additional coverage.

Memphis mourns the passing of Lorenzen Wright. Questions about the fragmentation of the county’s 911 system need to be addressed…pronto.

Grand Divisions is looking at LGBT workplace protections for City of Memphis employees and points to one of Memphis’ finest who may be vulnerable.

Shirley Sherrod is suing, and I couldn’t be happier.

Nicholas Beadle pens his last post at the Jackson Sun politics blog. He’ll be missed, but you can keep up with him here.

Go back to bed. Seriously, whatever it is you think you need to do is less important than sleeping right about now. I promise, it’ll be ok.

1 comment for “Morning Coffee – Going Back to Bed Edition

  1. July 31, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    LOL on the pic…

    Proof positive that childhood is pure hell. I still have pictures my folks took of me in the early sixties (yes, they had cameras back then).

    They think that shit is cute but it’s not. They dressed me like an Indian, a bunny, a goblin, a Kangaroo…yeah, a fucking Kangaroo.
    Then they take pictures and show them to everyone they know and perfect strangers both.
    I endured countless years of mom’s friends grabbing my face in both hands and squawking “ooooo, you were soooo cute in that Kangaroo outfit”!

    I fucking hate Kangaroos, ya know?


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