Morning Coffee – Exhausted Edition

This guy is either really tired or has gas

I’m pooped.

Physically tired.


The past couple of weeks hasn’t been bad, just frenetic. Lots of stuff and not a lot of time equals all of the above.

I knew it would happen eventually, I just hoped it would be closer to the end of this summer semester. This was not to be.

I don’t really have much more to say, so on to the coffee!

Rick Sanchez thinks Steve Cohen is intriguing.

Communication Breakdown

Nearly three years since everything started going to pot, we get some kind of financial reform.

Little Ron is all about some PAC money, leading the other candidates by nearly 3:1 in all cases. A true man of the people. /snark

Speaking of money, George Flinn has plenty of his own to spend in his bid for the 8th district. How’s about throwing some scratch over this-a-way. You know, help a brotha out?

Ok, get to it. The only thing that’ll make this day go by faster is a 24 hour nap!

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