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Just in case you didn’t already know, early voting began on Friday for the August 5th election. For as long as I’ve been watching politics, and perhaps as long as there have been elections, the last two weeks of the campaign turn into a special kind of free-for-all where new challenges are made, usually by those who are behind, and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. This year is no different.

In the biggest statewide race to be decided on the 5th, the GOP Gubernatorial primary, Zach Wamp wants more debates with Haslam. As the article notes, Wamp lags behind Haslam in a recent poll, so it should come as no surprise that he wants some one-on-one time with the Knoxville Mayor. However, “Pilot Bill” just ain’t having it saying that there have been plenty of debates and their schedule just won’t allow it.


Tom Humphrey reports on another race where the gauntlet has been thrown down, the race for the GOP nomination for Tennessee’s Third Congressional District.

It seems Chuck Fleischmann has a special task for Robin Smith–prove that her leadership at the TNGOP didn’t leave them in the red. Yeah, I’m sure she’s got that report just lying around somewhere. Fire up the fax machine!

Here in Memphis we’re not immune to these kinds of last second tactics, even though they seem to be happening on a much smaller scale. The Shelby County Democratic Party has offered a cash reward for information pertaining to the destruction of campaign signs.

Another issue that was likely avoided by a candidate was his violation of the Federal Hatch Act by running for Sheriff while employed by the Sheriff’s Department. Since early July I had heard this was the case, but I hadn’t had the time to research the issue. I’m not sure that Oldham’s late departure from the Sheriff’s administration makes everything A-OK, but it probably won’t be a campaign issue now.

There are probably more examples of this, but I think I’ve made my point. The campaign, and the shenanigans that follow are in high gear, and won’t calm down until after the 5th. Sit back and enjoy the show…but don’t forget to vote!

Now, on to the coffee!

It’s only Tuesday but this has already been a bad week for election commissioners around the state. First a Monroe County Election Commissioner was found dead in his burning car Saturday. A Hamilton County commissioner resigned yesterday after a public intoxication charge that involved a stop sign.

Over here on the West side, the Memphis City Council is taking up the issue of a non-discrimination ordinance in committee today.

Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons is prosecuting voting irregularities. Vote early and often doesn’t mean often in one election people.

And finally, the Annoying Autobiographical Pause is back with tales of AC and auto repair, farms and film crews.

Get out and vote people and have a good day while you’re doing it.

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