Morning Coffee: Basil Marceaux Edition

The Man Wants To Be Your Governator

One week until the primary, campers, and it should either excite you to your bones or bore you to tears. This summer we have seen some epic political showdowns, we’ve met Basil Marceaux and dealt with some obstacles that can only be shared with our therapists. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to go to a professional so what’s said in Tennessee stays in Tennessee I guess. Or, as you will find out later in this post, maybe it doesn’t becauseĀ  Colbert is back watching our fine state and beating us with his funny stick in ways that only lead to tears.

Oh, Mid-Terms, how you are such a seductive and frustrating challenge.

Have you early voted yet? I did for one of the first times in my life. It was oddly uninspiring because I love to vote the day of any primary/election and, as always, I asked for a receipt which I did not get. Maybe I was just ornery that day. Maybe, because I can get a receipt when I buy a burger from Mickey D’s and I can’t for my vote makes me stabby. I ‘ll go with door number two there.

On to the java jive:

Southern Beale writes a compelling read this morning on procedural voyuerism.

Mike McWherter was written up on TPMDC about Ron Ramsey recent crazytown statements late yesterday and asks the simple question “Had Enough?”

Memphis native and former Grizzly Lester Hudson dropped 74 points yesterday. He said it was in honor of Lorenzen Wright whose body was discovered yesterday as well.

Stephen Colbert skewers Tennessee’s GOP candidate Ron Ramsey. (I see, once again, economic development leaders throwing themselves into the closest rivers across the state.) It honestly is funny because Colbert cannot keep a straight face talking about everyone’s favorite Republican, Basil Marceaux. Hell, even Weekly World News has a Basil story.

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    (placing forehead in palm of hand and sighing deeply)

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