Infant Mortality In Nashville

I don’t live in Nashville but I saw this morning that Npt has a special on infant mortality that aired last month and are working on a three-year project tackling the issue and the welfare of children’s health in this state. I missed the special unfortunately but there is no doubt this is staggering. Thankfully the online gods and goddesses have an entire special on their website. Rachel has additional stats at Our Bodies Our Blog that are national.

From Npt’s blog …

Infant mortality rates say more about us than simply how many babies will live to see their first birthday. They are an early indicator of what the future holds for the health of our communities.

Tennessee ranks 47th nationally in infant mortality rates, with more than 700 babies dying each year. Only 61% of babies born in Tennessee have received adequate prenatal care and nearly one in ten babies born in Davidson County are of low-birth weight. Single mothers, black mothers and urban residents suffer an even higher infant mortality rates.

This special is, of course, out of Nashville but it impacts the entire state. Aunt B. tackled this last month regarding funding cuts proposed by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (she has the linkage.)

This is the promo for the series:

I encourage you to visit Npt to see the whole thing. This is a statewide issue but this lays the groundwork for what we as Tennesseans are dealing with.

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