Grand Divisions Addresses Misconceptions In Memphis

Michelle Bliss at Grand Divisions addresses the non-discrimination ordinance that Steve Steffens wrote about this morning.

As you know, today we brought the NonDiscrimination Ordinance and Resolution before the Memphis City Council with the support of Councilwoman Janice Fullilove. Jonathan Cole of TEP and Dr. Steve Gaines of Bellevue Baptist Church were chosen to speak for each side of the discussion. After each spoke, there was further discussion that neither side was able to address given the time constraints of the meeting. These are my observations as to the issues that TEP needs to address further as we go forward through this process.


City employees have no current recourse either, and to complain without protections in place is to invite retaliation in the workplace by those committing the offense. To conclude, that since no one is filing complaints that will not be heard, a lack of official complaints is equivalent to no discrimination occurring is disingenuous and illogical.

She goes into detail specifically of what the TEP witnessed this morning and cites that there are many misconceptions in Memphis.

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