Gov. Phil Bredesen Does Not Approve Of Arizona Trip

From WKRN:

Several state Republican lawmakers are planning a trip to Phoenix later this month to present the resolution they passed in support of Arizona’s controversial new immigration law.

Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen told News 2 he wished they weren’t taking the trip and also said, “I don’t think it puts Tennessee in the best possible light.”

The governor made the comments after Republican representative Joe Carr, who sponsored the Tennessee resolution, and state Senator Bill Ketron, announced plans late Monday to “personally deliver” the legislation to Arizona governor Jan Brewer.

The lawmakers plan to make the delivery July 30 and “attend an educational seminar which details provisions of the new law.”

From an economic standpoint of bringing in new industry, these legislators apparently didn’t look at the big picture, just the soundbites they will get until August 1.

3 comments for “Gov. Phil Bredesen Does Not Approve Of Arizona Trip

  1. grandefille
    July 21, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    If they pay all their expenses — gas, meals, strippers, weed, etc. — out of their own pockets and make it a road trip, then they’re welcome to go.

    If they go on my dime, I will be on each of their front steps demanding reimbursement.

    They are not representing me or the state of Tennessee on this trip. They are representing their self-aggrandizing selves, and they can bloody well open their own wallets to do so.

  2. July 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Ketron and Carr? I’ve encountered pestilence on the Appalachian Trail that I have more respect for.

    There are problems with illegal immigration that are very, very real. Those two Gerbil-faced geeks are addressing exactly none of them.

    I hope they fall in the Grand Canyon and save us some humiliation.

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