Evil Amy talks about the only thing to fear is fear itself. But fear is one scary thing, especially in this economy. It’s a long thoughtful post and she documents what she’s seen and heard in Nashville that has made her take pause.

1. Driving down Wedgewood, seeing multiple luxury condos for sale in a strip where there would usually be no vacancy.

2. Driving down 8th Avenue, seeing closed store after closed store. A series of small business owners’ dreams gone south.

3. Walking at Radnor Lake, seeing a giant hole in the road caused by flooding.

4. Sitting at dinner, empathizing with someone who is saying the same things to me that I said to someone else a month ago.

5. Talking to someone as we both lose our minds simultaneously. At work. About work.

6. Talking to someone who is starting to sense that she’s going to get laid off.

Her best line is the last one of the post which you need to head over there and read for yourself.

I think we are all anxiety-ridden to a degree right now. These are uncertain times.

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