Ever Wonder Why The City Council Keeps Going After MCS?

Jane Roberts’ story in the Sunday CA might give you an insight:

Memphis City Schools Supt. Kriner Cash’s annual salary of $275,738 makes him the highest-paid public executive in the county.

Cash earns $100,000-plus more than Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and $125,000 more than Shelby County Interim Mayor Joe Ford.

A comparison of all city and county salaries shows four of the five highest-paid executives in local government are employees of Memphis City Schools.

The City Council raised questions about MCS pay when council members learned last month that Gerald Darling, the head of city schools security who’s in charge of fewer than 100 employees, earns $167,412, when Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin, who supervises nearly 3,000 employees, makes $120,180 following the council’s recent decision to cut the pay of the city’s top earners by 5 percent.

All righty then.  Well, just so you know, the other member of the top 5 was ALSO an educational administrator:

The No. 2 salary slot among local public executives belongs to the Shelby County Schools superintendent. Cash’s counterpart in Shelby County Schools, Supt. John Aiken, makes $193,800 in a district less than half the size of the city schools.

What the hell???  I believe in education as much as anyone, but this tends to confirm to me that the problems in our schools are NOT teacher-related, but empire-building administrator-related.

Our public-school teachers have to deal with children who are raising themselves, either because their parents are working multiple jobs to survive or because some (not most, mind you) have parents who don’t care.  Yet it’s the teachers who get the blame when Johnny or Jane can’t read, write or count.

And yet, the more the City Council looks into MCS (when the MCS Board takes a blind eye, except for Reverend Whalum), the more Dr. Cash stonewalls any investigation.  Dr. Cash, that’s NOT the way to win the trust of taxpayers or parents.

OK, enough of my rant, go read the rest of Jane’s article here!

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